Friday, March 14, 2014

We had a Birthday!

Ok, so I'm a little late in getting this up...what's new there? Mekenzi turned 9 at the end of January....seriously...9? Where on earth has the time gone?

Kenzi is growing into such a smart, funny, sassy, responsible young lady! Of course she is beautiful too, but that's just a given. ;)

She asked if she could have a sleep over for her party, so that's what we did! She was limited to a few friends and two of them were able to make it.

We started off by having some dinner, then had a desert of Root Beer Floats per the girls request!

The girls also got to enjoy some home popped popped Corn while watching some Dispicable Me 2. They were cracking up!

Then it was time for the little girls to go to bed, so the big girls got to stay up, watch more movies and get their nails painted. :)
Showing off their beautiful toes!

I kept hearing "This is the BEST SLEEP OVER EVER!"
The girls Wrestled and played and then Kenzi wanted to open her gifts, so she got to open her gifts with her friends. :)
Proof that girls rough house too. ;)

These were some goofy girls, but they sure did have fun! It was time for lights out at around 11pm....and then they stayed up talking/whispering until after 1am...boy was I tired the next day!
Finally all "in bed" although not asleep....
The next day we took the girls to go see a movie, and of course, they wanted to see Frozen. (They had been singing songs from it ALL night the night before.)
The girls did a photo strip thing. Too funny...side note...these things have gotten EXPENSIVE since the last time I did one!
After the movie we went to Red Robin for lunch where Kenzi got sung to and they gave her a birthday Sunday. I even gave the girls a dollar each so they could play the arcade games there.

After that, was a trip to Cold Stone Ice Creamery. The girls got to pick their own ice cream and add ins. They loved it! We came back to the house to eat and to let them play in the sun out in the backyard. Finally at 4pm the next day the parents began to arrive for pick up!

I can't believe our big girl is 9 years old already! Before you know it...I won't even be allowed to take pictures at her party....*they grow up way too fast!*

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