Sunday, January 19, 2014

One year.

It's been a year since I got the dreaded phone call. "Grandpa is in the hospital,  it's bad, you need to come now." Seth was in class down at the gym and not able to answer his phone so I called the gym. Cruz answered the phone and after hearing me ask for Seth through my tears to speak to Seth, he called out to the class and asked if Seth was there. I told him through the tears that Grandpa was in the hospital and we needed to hurry. The sweet and wonderful man that he is hung up the phone, left most of his gear at the gym and ran out the door.

He made it home, changed and then helped me get the girls dressed and in the car. He held my hand and kept saying that we would make it and we would get there. We were on HWY 26 right before the tunnel when the call from my Dad came. We were too late, Grandpa was gone. I began to sob and the girls were so confused and asked why I was so sad. I explained it to them the best I could by asking if they love their Papa. I asked if they would be sad if he were gone. They of course said yes, they love their Papa. So I told them that Great Grandpa Bert was my Papa and that's why I was so sad.

We finally got to the hospital and my brother met us to bring us back. I hugged my Grandma and my Mom and we sat together for a bit and then my brother took me back to see my Grandpa. Its difficult to see someone who has always been so strong finally lose the fight. It is an image that stays with you.

We left the hospital and went to my brothers house as he lives just across the street from the hospital. We had pizza and stayed in each others company. Then the time came to head home.

A week later was both Grandpa's funeral and Mekenzi's 8th birthday party. Talk about an emotional day!!! Boy oh boy...I tell you what.

We said goodbye or rather a see you later to an amazing man that day. Time does make it easier, but some things still catch me off guard and make me cry. There are some things that I will always have because of him, they are a part of my memory and a part of me.

His faith in God was unshakeable. He loved his family fiercely.  He worked hard his whole life and tried to teach all of his children the value of hard work.  He always pushed us to do more, be more, give more and love more. He was a giant teddy bear with the warmest kindest heart. He loved music, I always remember him breaking into song or whistling to himself.  He loved to play games! We always got to play board games with Grandpa and he would play games with us for hours and never seemed to get tired of it. He loved life and lived it to the fullest. He was generous and always willing to serve.

I miss him dearly and just as when he was alive, I hope and pray that I can make him proud. I hope I can learn from the example that he set and lead a happy and full life and not let all of the stresses of life get in the way of the fun that can be had. I hope I can be more like my Grandparents and that I can honor their memory.

I am far from being an eloquent writer, so I feel I can never do justice to his memory by writing. But I pray that I can take the lessons he taught me and weave the tapestry of my life to be rich, beautiful and full of color and depth. I will always love and miss those who have passed on before me, but I am so grateful for the knowledge that I will see them again. I hope to be wrapped up in his arms and have him tell me "good job, well done" when I finally see him again. Love you Grandpa and I miss you.

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