Friday, January 17, 2014

Amelia turned 2!

Can that title really be true? It can't possibly be, and is! Our beautiful, fun, spunky, sweet girl is officially 2 years old! The time really does fly by so fast!  Right now Amelia's favorite movie is Wreck it Ralph so we decided to make her cake theme after that. Of course I wanted to go with the easier (and conveniently more girly) idea that I came up with so it was from Sugar Rush in the movie. She LOVED it and kept trying to grab Ralph off of the cake. :)

Of course I HAD to make food, because a party just isn't a party without yummy snacks. 
In the movie Ralph hates chocolate at first, then at the very end when he falls in he says "Chocolate, I LOVE CHOCOLATE! AH BEAUTIFUL CHOCOLATE!" So we had chocolate to drizzle on our fruit. :)

Stuffed Cressent rolls. They are filled with onion and chive cream cheese and then baked. SUPER easy and yummy. One of these days I will make the dough from scratch, but this was easier.

We had home made spinach dip with sourdough bread, fruit/brownies/pound cake for the chocolate, and home made wraps. It was all SUPER yummy. And yeah, we keep it classy by using paper and plastic. ;)
We of course had to do gifts! We had several people who had wanted to come but were sick or busy, but they were kind enough to drop off gifts before hand. Thank you from Amelia!

A book and some Legos from the Stover Family!

Boots from her NayNay (This girl LOVES shoes, so it was the perfect gift!)

She got a big pink horse and she was NOT interested in opening anything else for a little bit!

Given her love of Ralph, we thought we would give her a stuffed Ralph, we thought she would LOVE IT.

She saw it...

She held it...

And then....She chucked it....

And then she laughed and laughed....silly baby!

When we brought out this baby she instantly forgot about the horse!

Obviously she liked it! She drove around the living room running into people while her Sisters took turns in pulling her back to a start position!

Needless to say...she had a blast!

The evening ended and her friends and family went home, so of course she wanted Ralph. So we snuggled up in bed with her and put on Wreck it Ralph.
The sleepy girl snuggling with Ralph while she watched him on the TV.

Happy Birthday to our Sweet Amelia. You have brought so much love, light and laughter into our home and we are so glad that you chose to be a part of our family!

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