Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Lilly's 5th Birthday Party!

Well, it's official, our little girl is now our big girl! Lilly got to enjoy her birthday party at Papa's Pizza with some cousins and a few friends. She LOVED her gifts, and was so excited to celebrate her day! It was a very wet and windy day, so it's a good thing the party was indoors! Here are some pictures of her celebration!
The Birthday Cake, made by Mom with love for Lilly. (she requested a Brave themed party)

Cousins came to join in on the fun!

Amelia was exhausted and wanted snuggles almost as soon as we got there!

It didn't take long until she was OUT and she slept like this for over an hour!

The party kids!

Birthday Girl with her friends!

Kenzi got to hold the baby (who was less than two weeks old! So sweet!!!)

More My Little Ponies to add to her collection!

Uncle Ike gave her a movie!

A very cute pajama set from her Uncle Spencer and Auntie Heather. (Ok, so they aren't blood, but they are still family!)

Lilly went NUTS over the gift she got from our long time family friends. Their son knows her very well and he picked out something that she LOVED!

She got a Twilight Sparkle purse from her baby sister Amelia. She was very excited!

She of course got super cute clothes from her NayNay!

Rainbow Dash dream light! You sensing a pattern here?

My Little Pony remote control car, complete with figurines!

Clothes from NayNay.

Second outfit. Cute, no?
Happy Birthday big girl! I can't believe that you are 5 years old! We love you so much!

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