Tuesday, September 10, 2013


I have a confession to make! Many people seem to think that I am some sort of Super Mom because of all that I do...the canning, cooking, cleaning, baking, quilting, etc...but the truth is....I'M NOT! Those are small clips into my life! Very small! Here is the truth! Careful, there are some closet doors opening you might not like what comes out! Alrighty...here a small list of how I'm not supermom!

*My house is regularly cluttered and messy. (Which drives me up the wall.)

*I sometimes yell at my kids. (Yes, I know I shouldn't yell and all it does is teach them to yell...but like I said, NOT perfect and NOT Super Mom.)

*Some days the "sometimes yell at my kids" feels like that's all I am doing because otherwise they aren't listening. There are only so many times you can put a kid on time out for the same thing in the same day befor you just about lose your mind!

*When in project mode, the rest of the house goes to crap, it just does, I don't have enough hours in the day, and quite frankly, I prefer my sleep to staying up all night scrubbing floors and removing dust.

*I never dust...ever. I don't give a crap if my house is dusty, I really don't! As long as it's not piled up, then I am happy!

*Sometimes I don't get a shower for several days. (Yeah, I think it's pretty gross too, but when all that happens is chaos if you DO take a shower...it's less stressful to go without sometimes!)

*I regularly wear the same shirt several days in a row...I get covered in boogers and other nasty and I have so much laundry to do anyways....I really hate to add to the pile.

*I might wash and dry laundry every day (or close to it) but when it comes to folding it and putting it away...yeah...that doesn't happen very often! Sometimes the pile alone takes up most of my queen sized bed and then it is a 2+ hour folding extravaganza!

*I don't exercise nearly as much as I would like to.

*I regularly crave sweets, most especially ice cream and candy bars...and I semi-regularly give into those cravings! (My favorites are Caramello bars...)

*I don't have the bikini/beach ready body that I had when I was 20, maybe I never will again! (And that's OK! My wonderful hubby loves me just the way I am!)

*I am a chronic migraine sufferer, which means there are some days where all I CAN do is lay in the dark and not cry. The kids tend to watch a lot of TV on those days...

*I'm still nursing because Amelia just isn't ready to give it up and I'm not in the mood for the crying fits that happen when a child isn't ready to ween. (I've told her she is cut off at 2...I'd like them back for myself at some point!) I get told that I'm nuts for nursing her that long...but really, when the world health organization recommends a MINIMUM of breastfeeding for 2 years, I don't see how I am weird for nursing her still...

*Amelia sleeps with Seth and I still. Want to know why? Again...I LOVE my sleep. When she is with us, she sleeps ALL night long. When she is NOT with us however, she wakes up every 2-3 hours crying and is inconsolable until she is back in bed with us.

*Lilly is having night time troubles...it is so very frustrating, but it is NOT her fault by any means, nor is it ours! We have done everything we can and MORE! Sometimes we just have to accept that our bodies freak out on us and they will go back online when they are supposed to!

*I am a stay at home Mom, and sometimes, the dishes don't get done, the floors don't get picked up or vacuumed, and the kids watch TV all day long and that's not even when I am sick. Some days I just want to sit and read a book and I don't see anything wrong with that every once in a great while!

Maybe you can relate to some of these, or maybe I am just weird...either way is ok with me!

I am by no means perfect; but I love my family, I do the best that I can. I garden to provide healthy food for me to cook for them, I clean for them, I do everything I can to save $ and to have healthy food around the house. I make almost all dinners from scratch, I even bake cookies and bread from time to time. I mow the lawn most of the time, I even fix the toilet when it breaks! But again, I'm not perfect. I am no superwoman, and certainly not SuperMom.

I think of how often women compare themselves to what other women are doing. Especially Mothers! I see what everyone else is doing and think to myself "There is NO WAY that I could get that much done or do that every day!". I see ideas people post, or pictures of a project that they completed and I think, that is really cute, but I would never be able to make it look that cute, or make it stay that cute and clean for very long! Could I do some of these things...maybe, but again, I like my sleep! I get seriously cranky, not to mention excessive headaches when I don't get enough quality sleep.

The question is, why do we do that? We all have different talents, we all have different wants/desires/needs, etc. So why do we compare ourselves to others so often? And conversely, why are we so critical of other peoples decisions? Who are we to judge when we don't know the full story? I hope that I am raising my girls to be confident, strong women who will be mindful of the needs of others and that they won't be judgmental.

Here is my thought for the day...are you ready for it? It's nothing super special. I'm not an elequent writer by any means, but here you go.

*Do for YOU and YOURS and DO NOT compare yourself or situation to anyone elses because they are not you, and their children are not yours. Everyone has different needs, and as long as the needs of YOUR family are being met and your children are happy, then you are doing a good job!*

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  1. Bri- Just because you have faults never means you aren't a supermom! To those kids and to your hubby they believe you ARE that supermom! For all the things that you do get to do with all of them not the dont's! YOU ARE A SUPERMOM! :)