Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Summer Fun

This summer has been full of so much fun! Honestly, it's been a bit exhausting with how much fun we have been having! Now that school is just a week away, I figured we should probably sum up the summer on the blog! Obviously we had a fabulous time at Disneyland! The girls loved it so much and it is going to be such fun to take them there again in a few years! I have also started selling my home made jam because people really wanted it (and it helped earn money for Disneyland) well, this has turned into a summer long thing and potentially a booth at a business fair next year! We'll see how it goes! All of that canning means I need a lot of fruit...and well, you know me...I'm cheap. Seth sweetly says that I am frugal, but lets face it, I'm cheap!

So far...favorite peach place was Grossen Peach Farm. They were polite, had wonderful fruit, no spray and everything was $1/lb. Sauvie Island farms was not bad, and Jossy Farms was ok, but they were really pushy about using a box instead of what I had...I opted out of any that were more than $1/lb...but our favorite place was Grossen...the peaches were wonderful!

While the big girls were out of town at Great Wolf Lodge with their NayNay, Seth, Amelia and I went peach picking! We got 67lbs of peaches. Can we say canned peaches and peach syrup anyone? :)

We have gone strawberry picking twice, our favorite farm is called Unger Farms. They are out in Cornelius and have amazing strawberries! (They are also open till October...so we might sneak one more visit into them!)

It's also all you can eat while you pick...that's the best part according to Amelia!

There has been lots of swimming this summer as well...but when your Grandma and Papa live less than a mile away and they have a pool in their backyard it makes it a lot easier to do so!

The big girls with their cousins before swim lessons!

We made time for picking raspberries too, but those days were really hot and the girls tended to hide in the car with the a/c blowing...can't say that I blame them! We did get some really yummy berries from it though!
While we have had a lot of fun this summer, we have also done a LOT of work! We restained the back deck. (painting the tree house is next on my to paint list!)

I canned a TON of fruit and even made relish for the first time ever! Needless to say, my shelves are stocked for the winter! Yay! I love seeing the literal fruits of my labor!

We went to go see my Grandparents grave once both of their headstones were in. It was tearful, of course, but it was nice to see how beautiful their headstones were. Miss you Grandma and Grandpa!

We went to a concert in the park and had a blast! We have gone to the park nearly every week. Kenzi got to take MMA classes at our gym over the summer (they even let Lilly join in on the boxing classes). It has been a very eventful summer! Kenzi was also having a very eventful summer for her mouth! The girl lost 3 teeth over the summer! 3!
The tooth fairy is gonna be broke at this rate!

But now it is back to school...so we did a little back to school shopping and the girls got to pick out ONE outfit each (and Amelia got a new sweater).

These girls are so much fun and such a light to our lives. I will leave you with one final picture that is guaranteed to make you smile! Enjoy! We'll be out playing for our last week of summer vacation!

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