Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Disneyland 2013 Part 3

We decided before even going down that there was NO WAY that we were going to be IN the park for the 4th of July, so instead the girls swam for hours and we hung out at the hotel. My Dad went to an Angel's game and we took the girls up to the roof to watch fireworks. It was incredible! There were fireworks in every direction that we looked! Of course we got to see the Disneyland fireworks as well, which lasted a few minutes longer than usual and then the girls went to bed. The 5th of July was our final day with my Dad there. We now had the photo pass, so to make it worth it...we rode every single ride that we could get a picture on!

We started off by going and getting a fast pass for the Cars ride so that we could get pictures there, but we had at least an hour and a half to burn so we went looking for something to do! We decided to go see what the wait time at the Tower of Terror was. Dad had zero interest in riding that one, but Seth and I wanted to go on it. We figured we'd have to get a fast pass, but no! It ended up having a less than 15 minute wait so we headed straight in while Dad stayed with the girls. FUN! Stomach drop to the fullest extent!

After the Tower of Terror we went and checked out the Muppets in 3D. It was pretty darn funny and well worth the trip into the A/C! After the Muppets it was about time to go onto the Cars ride. Of course, we loved it...problem was, it broke down right after we went on it so Dad didn't get to use his switch pass right away! We still got our picture!
Since the Cars ride was down for a bit we again had to go find something to do. Since we went into California Adventure I said I wanted to try Screamin'. Again, we lucked out and the wait time was less than 20 minutes! Seth and I headed in and had to deal with some highly irritating teen/pre-teen sibling girls who were fighting over who would be taller than the other one while the Dad did nothing when they started calling each other idiots and retards....such nice children we have these wonder we got complimented on how sweet and polite our girls were! We finally get to the front of the line and what does Seth do? He asks if we can be put in the front row!
Scary but fun would be the best way to describe the ride. Before we went on the ride Dad said that he wanted to go on that ride. I looked at him and said "You, YOU want to ride on THAT ride?" When we got back we used the switch pass and I went with my Dad on the ride and I pulled a Seth. I made Dad and I be in the front row! We made it through the first bit and then as we were going up to the really big part of the ride I asked him "Are you ready?" he yells back "Ready for WHAT?!?!" and I yelled back "For the BIG part!" his response was "OH CRAP!" as we headed over the edge to the really intense part of the ride. I couldn't help but laugh because the ride was SO FUN the second time around! He said later that "his life flashed before his eyes".
 What can I say? I guess I'm just a mean daughter. ;-) After Screamin' we took the girls on the Silly Symphony Swings and all those other fun little rides until we were sure the Car's ride was ready again.We had also promised the girls that they would get to pick out their very own Minnie ears...and there just happened to be a shop right across from the Silly Symphony Swings that had the exact hats they wanted...and it had the embroidering machine so they could get their names put on their hats.
 Amelia with her Minnie Mouse hat on. So cute!
 Kenzi and Lilly being "Pirate Minnie's".
 All three beautiful girls in their hats!

After hat shopping, we figured it was time to try the cars ride again! Of course we ran into a parade on the way there! I must say, it was pretty cool. (Especially when Jack-Jack's head bursts into flame!)

We went back so that Dad could use his Switch Pass and Kenzi won the coin toss to go again with her Grandpa.
We also had "Soarin" on the "bucket list" for Seth, so we made sure to get a fast pass for that one earlier in the day. Lilly was tall enough, but she didn't want to go, so she hung out with Grandpa and Amelia. Dad wanted to go on that one so we got a switch pass for Kenzi and Dad so that they could go on it together. Meanwhile I changed a diaper, fed some lunch, and watched as Lilly danced to the Minnie's Fly Girls show that they put on. (Plus play in the mister!) She was shaking her booty something fierce at times!

We still had rides to do in Disneyland so we headed that direction. The plan was going to be watching the Fireworks front and center but that didn't happen, that's ok, what was more important was that we had a fun time and that the girls got to go on rides they wanted to go on.

Once we were on the Disneyland side we happened to walk right into absolutely PERFECT spots for their parade! So we sat down and watched!

It was getting to be about dinner time, and we had promised to buy dinner at the park that night so we headed off to a BBQ joint that we had heard of over in Frontier land (Or maybe it was Adventure was over near the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad...which sadly was closed for renovations while we were there!) The place was an "all you care to enjoy" BBQ joint. As a note, they don't let you pack up what's left, the food is only OK, and it was over $25 bucks a head for the adults! We did get some cute video of the girls up on stage.Unfortunately blogger is not wanting to put any of the videos up from my phone....kind of lame if you ask me! At least I have some pictures!

After dinner, Seth and I ran ahead and did Splash Mountain since Kenzi wouldn't go on it again. (which stinks but she says she wants to try it again the next time we go!)

After Splash Mountain we wanted to hit Space Mountain. We hit Indiana Jones on the way there. SO MUCH FUN! We did have a little 9 year old tag along. (kid lied and said he was with us or they wouldn't let him ride the ride) It was a very fun ride, in spite of the kid who never stopped talking! We finally got to Space mountain but there was quite the line! My goodness the wait took FOREVER! So while we waited, Dad took the girls to Fantasy Land where they rode Small World. (So glad we dodged that bullet or the dang song would have been stuck in my head for WEEKS!) The funny thing was, Kenzi said she didn't want to go on it again because the music was really annoying! HA! Take that Disneyland, an 8 year old even finds the song irritating!
After Space Mountain we rushed to met up with Dad and the girls in Fantasy land (which was no easy task given how tightly they shut down main street for the fireworks!) We got there in time to take the girls on the Tea Cups (which Dad refused to do). Seth took Kenzi who wanted to "spin really fast!", and I took Lilly and I made sure to hold it steady so that I didn't lose my very expensive BBQ that we ate for dinner that night! They were so happy that they got to ride the tea cups. (Another one off the kid's bucket list!) As we finished the fireworks were just starting and we were able to see a decent part of the show from where we were, and as a bonus, there was pretty much no crowd either!

We decided to let the crowd die down before trying to leave the park for the night and rode on the Storybook land ride which takes you on a boat ride to see miniatures of a bunch of different Disney movie models. It was pretty cool to see them all. After that we called it a night and went home to get some shut eye. On the way we had to stop and get a picture in front of the castle at night!

We wouldn't be us without some goofy pictures! Everyone say Blech! :) The next day we would say goodbye to my Dad and start on our adventure without assistance. I think we handled it pretty well if I do say so myself! (After all, we came back with all the same kids!)


  1. what a wonderful trip. I imagine the girls slept like logs every night. (and you and Seth too. LOL)

  2. We were certainly exhausted! We never set an alarm though and just got up when the girls did. Didn't want to make an issue of it (other than the day we did the character dining.)

  3. Awesome, I want to go next time