Monday, July 15, 2013

Disneyland 2013 Part 2

While the first day of Disneyland was spent in the actual Disneyland, day two of park time was spent in Disney's California Adventure. Getting the park hopper passes, while more expensive, was TOTALLY worth it! We started off the day riding rides that the girls wanted to try. Ariel's adventure, Silly Symphony Swings, the Jellyfish ride along with a couple others. We just waited until it was time to check in for our Character dining experience. We got to meet Ariel as we walked down into the dining room, and after that we got to eat. For family buffet style it wasn't bad! Pastries, fruit, eggs, bacon, sausage and waffles, cheese and meat platters too. Was the food equal to the cost of the experience, HECK NO, but the girls got to meet 5 princesses (which also saved us HOURS in line to meet them later!) so for that, it was worth it.
               Amelia wouldn't go anywhere near Ariel, so we just got a picture of Kenzi and Lilly with her.
                                                    They were enamored to say the least!

           Belle is one of Lilly's FAVORITE princesses. She was beyond thrilled to get to meet Belle. She got her autograph and was so excited to get to hold her hand and get a hug from her!

     The girls were not as excited about Jasmine and she was not quite as "into her role" as the rest of the princesses, but I couldn't help but laugh at the photo bomb that Amelia did in this picture. I mean really, look at that smile!

     Snow White came to the table and she made sure to talk to all of the girls, and even made Amelia feel comfortable with her! I loved this picture because all three girls were smiling so sweetly! Such fun memories!

The final princess that we got to meet was Tiana. My poor Dad has been out of the loop for so long that he had no idea who she was! (For those who don't know, Tiana is the princess from the movie Princess and the Frog). After breakfast we spent the day in California Adventure. My Dad very generously decided to pay for the photo pass+ which they offer so that you can download and have rights to all the professional photographs that they take. (Normally it costs about $15 PER picture...the ride pictures cost about the same for a download! This package included unlimited pictures and unlimited ride pictures on select rides.) So we spent the day riding all the rides in California Adventure that we could and getting fun pictures takes while in the park.
I must say, it was a lot of fun to spend that much time with my hunny. We celebrated 10 years of being together while we were at Disneyland. Hard to believe that it's been a decade, but I sure do love this man!
                              We got to meet Donald Duck, in Sailor form! Everyone loves a Sailor!
We also got to meet Duffy the Disney Bear. Amelia was not too keen on him, but that's ok! The girls had no idea who he was, but they were happy to get his autograph anyways!

Next on the agenda: more being spoiled by Grandpa! He paid to have their faces painted, and the girls each got to choose what they wanted.
                                                    Lilly chose the Kitty Face, of course!

 Mekenzi chose the Unicorn mask. (Anybody who knows her should NOT be surprised at all by that decision!)
I must say, the speed and precision that she used was pretty incredible! I know she has had practice, but still...I was impressed! Next on the agenda was the ride the giant Ferris Wheel. My Dad refused to ride that one as he hates Ferris wheels! So he stayed down with Amelia while Seth and I took the big girls up. Kenzi and I wanted the buckets that swing, but Seth and Lilly said no Kenzi and I went in the regular bucket so that we could go as a family.

It was a short ride, but we still had lots of fun!

                                                     Next up: CARS LAND! (And Bug's land too...)
 We went and got a fast pass for the Car's ride, but while we waited for that, we rode on a bunch of other rides and played in the park.

 Amelia was not big enough for the Luigi's Tire ride, so she and Mom got to hang out for a while. Dad and Grandpa got to go on that ride with the big girls. We made due and she had fun for the most part since she finally got to run around a bit!

                                            Needless to say, the girls had fun with that ride!

 While the girls were on that ride, Amelia and I got to see this guy as he was driving through! I loved it!
 I wanted to get a close up of the Unicorn before it all got sweated away! It was pretty warm that day!
 Me and my biggest girl as we waited to do the bumper cars. (Ok, so this was in Bug's Life area, but hey, it was all in the same time period and they are right next door to each other!)
 Me and my medium girl as we call her (since she's the middle!) It was so hot that everything was getting sweated off...and then....they found a few water features!

All bets were off! It was all over after they got drenched! So after that, we sat down in the shade and ate some lunch before going on with our day!
 This happened, and so the girls went on the Mater ride with Grandpa and Daddy, we stuck to the shade to keep the sun off of her and try to keep her cool. Can I also just say, how unfair it is that all of my girls TAN! Seriously, even Amelia with her porcelain skin turns as brown as Seth, in a very short amount of time! Guess they got their Daddy's skin genes.

 It was FINALLY TIME! We got to go on the Car's ride and they LOVED IT! Lilly even asked to go again with Grandpa. (We took advantage of the switch pass as often as we could, this was certainly one of those times and my Dad LOVED that ride just as much as we did!) The next fast pass to use was for the Grizzly River Run so we headed up that direction. Seth and I went on it first and got a switch pass for Dad. Kenzi decided she wanted to try it so we let her!

                         Here they are leaving. She was holding onto that bar with all her might!

 Kenzi ended up being backwards and she and my Dad got soaked. She said it scared her, but eventually she wanted to try it again! Maybe next time she will, we just ran out of opportunities after that! Here are some pictures by the professional photographers in Disney.

 These were all done in Car's land. Next up was the backside of the Grizzly River Run ride. Amelia tuckered out...again!

                                                      We got to meet Mickey finally!

                                                  We also got to meet Goofy!

 We decided to end our day in Disneyland. My Dad said that we HAD to see Fantasmic, and since that was an evening event (9pm) we went over there after we had all the fun we could have in California Adventure. Here we are on Main Street in Disneyland.

It was such a blessing having my Dad there and made the trip so enjoyable! These are from the finale of Fantasmic. The girls were entranced and begged to see it again sometime that trip!

Fireworks, music, lights, characters...what more could girls ask for? Amelia absolutely LOVED it! I was pretty impressed, it was a pretty awesome show! The next post will be our final day with my Dad there! Lots of fun was had, that is for certain! Stay tuned! More posts to follow!

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