Thursday, July 11, 2013

Disneyland 2013 Part 1

We had started planning about 2 or 3 years ago to do a trip to Disneyland the year that Mekenzi turned 8. Well, our big girl turned 8 in January! (I know, I can't believe it either!) This is going to be a tradition of ours, when each girl turns 8 we will be doing a trip to Disneyland. Good thing we only have three kids, huh? ;) Seth had the brilliant idea that we should drive it saying that it was "a right of passage" of being a parent. HA! But then we looked at the cost of flying and taking the train and driving was about 1/3 the we drove! We left around 9:30-10am on Sunday June 30th. The girls actually looked up from movies and coloring to enjoy the scenery! Mount Shasta welcomed us into California and we cheered as we crossed the border. It was absolutely beautiful! Seth and I could both see why settlers fell in love with that part of the state!

I drove the first leg of the trip and we made it all the way to Redding, CA before getting out for a big break. We stopped at the worlds worst water park ever! Lets just say there is a reason that it cost under $50 for our whole family to go! In the end it was worth the money though because all the girls had a great time, they got to play and get their wiggles out and run around for a couple hours. Kenzi went down the big slides that she was allowed to go on and LOVED being the BIG girl and being allowed to go off and do things on her own while we stayed in the kiddie wade pool with Lilly and Amelia. Poor Seth has the worst luck though and dislocated his toe while at the water park, not to mention scraped it up pretty good. That did not make for a happy Seth! Seth took over after Redding and drove through the night to make it all the way to Santa Ana to pick up my Dad at the airport. The upside was we missed LA traffic. The downside: Dad's plane didn't arrive until after 12:30pm and we arrived around 5am. That's a long stretch of time to wait! We let the kids sleep, we tried to nap ourselves in a parking lot and then when the girls were all awake we went on our way to find an Ihop to get some breakfast. (As a side note, the food wasn't that syrups are WAY better...the service was mediocre at best and then we were treated like criminals for changing our kids poopy diaper in the car which was still parked in the parking lot AFTER paying for our meal! The security guard literally stood behind the car, arms folded, attempting to peer into our bags as I searched for extra diapers, and this was after he asked if we had been customers! He stared us down until we left. Talk about RUDE!)

We finally got my Dad after circling the airport about 10 times and headed for the hotel. The lady at the front desk was also incredibly rude, and not just to us but to my Dad as well! (Not a smart idea as they are elite members so they hold a bit more weight than we do!).  We had been told there was basically NO way that they would be able to get us in early because it was a Presidential room and those take a long time to clean...well I guess she got to eat her words because we were in our room before 1:30pm (check in time is 4pm). The room was incredible! We had a 3 bed, 3 bath Presidential suite on floor 14 out of 14. The only thing higher was the roof! Our bathroom had a dual headed shower and a jacuzzi tub. That could have been a vacation in and of itself!

As you can imagine, we were EXHAUSTED and ended up passing out (or at least Seth did!). Poor guy needed it! Dad was very nice and took the big girls down to the pool for a couple hours so that I could unpack the kitchen and get everything settled for the week. We decided before going down to leave Disneyland for the day after we actually arrived so that we could actually enjoy it, but we went to the roof that first night and enjoyed the fireworks from Disneyland.
That first day we decided to walk to the Park. It was less than a mile away and we thought it was no big deal. That didn't last long! We rode the bus after that day for the rest of the week! The girls were mesmerized! We knew we were doing a character dining the next day so I wanted them to have autograph books so Dad made them a deal that if they didn't fight or whine and were really good that he would buy them a present at the end of the day. Well, they didn't fight once and they didn't really whine either! (They were absolutely amazing on this trip! I was in awe of how awesome they were!) Needless to say, they earned their autograph books! ;) We spent the first day entirely in Disneyland.

We rode around in the horse drawn buggy while Seth went to City Hall (yes, they have their own city hall!) to take care of some business. Can I just say that this is the ONE area where him having osteoarthritis is a good thing? Otherwise it sucks, but in this case, it saved us HOURS in line every single day! Once we were in we of course had to ride some rides!

King Arther's Carousel was a hit for all of them! (Well, for the girls at least!)

And of course it wouldn't be complete without a trip on the Dumbo ride! Even Amelia was ok with the ride! (Did I mention how awesome she was this whole week? She is a remarkable toddler!)

We also had to go on the river boat! I mean really, who wouldn't want to ride on a boat that cool looking? Amelia fell asleep shortly after this as we waited in line for Pirates of the Caribbean. Kenzi LOVED the ride...Amelia woke up ON the ride, and Lilly FREAKED from the ride! So yeah, it was a mild success, but what are you gonna do? After that was a much needed lunch break. To save money we brought in water bottles (some frozen) and pre made sandwiches...along with a bunch of snacks!

Amelia was very good at sharing with her Daddy. ;)
After lunch we headed over to Splash Mountain. We actually got Kenzi to go on it! (Never after that, but hey, she tried it!) Once we were out we stopped in to say hi to Tigger and Eyore. I love Eyore! He's my favorite.

The girls favorite ride of the day had to have been the Finding Nemo ride. I must say, it was pretty awesome!

The girls were all fascinated by the ride. It was so fun to see them light up with excitement!

 The girls BEGGED to "drive" the cars and had a GREAT time on this one! Meanwhile, Amelia and I walked around in circles and listened to a fun band that was playing on a stage near by. The girls had just about had it though so we decided to call it a day.

 On the way out we got to see the All American College Band performing. It was very entertaining! The girls sat down on the curb to watch as we headed out. :) Later that night Seth and I went back for a little grown up park time. I loved how pretty the castle was at night!

Seth and I in line to ride Space Mountain. I must say, after all these years...still a favorite ride of mine! I will do more parts to the series, so tune in, there was FAR more fun to be had and even more to share! Thanks for reading!

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  1. It's like I'm there with you. What fun! It brings back memories of our trips to Disneyland with the boys when they were little. Awwww.