Thursday, July 18, 2013

Disneyland 2013 Part 5

Apparently my video of World of Color just doesn't want to upload to anything but Facebook! (Or any other video for that matter! Not sure what's going on with the blog website...) All the video's are available on my timeline if you want to watch them. Everything really was spectacular! So our final day was Sunday. We had ridden every ride that we wanted to ride (with the exception of the Buzz Lightyear ride that Seth had wanted to do since the very first day that we were there!) We decided to not worry about what time we got to the park because we had one ride to go on, and some souvenir shopping to do. Otherwise, the whole point was to let the girls watch Fantasmic one last time! We slept in, and then we went down to the pool for about an hour or two and just relaxed. Amelia splashed around in the kiddie wade pool while Lilly and Kenzi swam around. Even Seth got in and played with the girls for a while! After swimming it was nap time! We figured Amelia deserved to nap in a bed at least ONCE that week! So we let her sleep and didn't rush to get to the park.

Sleeping Beauty and Beast. ;)

They finally woke up so we got to head to the park for our final afternoon in Disneyland.
Here are the girls Monkeying around!

We got to the park and did some souvenir shopping. The girls picked out their costumes (we made the stupid mistake of telling them they could pick out one thing that they really wanted...what they wanted was a full outfit and bow...little did we know just HOW MUCH those things cost! My pocketbook is still raw from the shafting that we got! But, they loved it and are still loving their gifts, so it wasn't a total bust!) As for Amelia, we figured the big girls got ears, it was only fair that Amelia get her very own pair. (plus she got a key chain with her name on it)

 After our shopping we decided it was time to get our seats for Fantasmic, so we went to the restaurant that is right by the show and got a front seat table! We stayed there for the rest of the time and ate dinner there. The girls got their chicken nuggets and fries with milk. Seth got some fish and chips that were not very good according to him, and I got a corn dog that was acceptable...but SOOOO not worth the $7.19 that it cost me! (and no, I'm not exaggerating!)

 Here are some pictures from Fantasmic on that final night!

 After the show we were going to head across to Tomorrow Land so that they could ride the Buzz Lightyear ride. (They tried earlier in the day and it shut down! Technical difficulties plagued us those last three days!)
Seth and the girls LOVED the ride! They would have gone over and over again!

After that it was time for some Adult shopping! Seth REALLY wanted to get a Star Wars shirt, and so we went to the shop that is attached to the Star Tours ride. (which by the way, is really cool!)

 I had to get a picture of this one because I absolutely LOVED this shirt! 
I smiled every time I saw it!

I ended up getting a night shirt and a hat for myself. I finally spent the quarters that I was given after my Grandpa Howard died. I just hadn't been able to bring myself to spend it, but he always loved Disneyland and I thought it was fitting that I should spend it there.

As we headed out we saw this cool old fire truck, so we got a picture of the girls on it. :)

 It may seem like a stupid tradition, but I have always taken a picture outside the train station. It was the perfect way to say goodbye to Disneyland!

After we tried to take the picture ourselves, we were approached by a Disney worker who kindly offered to take the picture for us! Some of the people are so nice there!

I can not begin to express how grateful we were to take that trip. Such amazing memories were made! We can't wait to go back when Lilly turns 8! We went back to the hotel for our final night before a very long drive home!

We stopped at In-N-Out burger to see what all the fuss was about....
must's about as over rated as Five Guys!
For a fast food burger it wasn't bad, but over all...I give it a meh.
 Sunset from the road. I drove to just past Sacramento where we stopped at Red Robin for dinner, then Seth took over for the drive. He ended up driving through the night and I took a nap for a couple hours.

 We arrived home around 5am, the big girls went straight upstairs to bed and went immediately back to sleep. Seth and I unloaded the car and eventually Amelia passed back out...
of course it was on my leg!
 Where else would you nap but on Mom's leg?
She and I went upstairs to sleep for a few more hours and in that time the big girls woke back up and FINALLY got to try on their costumes!

Seth tried to get me to come downstairs, I was just so tired that I couldn't do it! 
Thankfully he took my phone and took some really cute pictures and video!
Lilly as Merida

 Kenzi in her costume shooting arrows!

Smiley Faced Merida's!

Serious Faced Merida's!

Last but not least: Goofy Faced Merida's!

I have to say, it made me very happy that they picked the most "Independent Spirited" Princess to have for their costumes! (Did you know they don't even carry Mulan costumes anymore? They said there wasn't enough movement because people didn't want them...crazy! I love that movie! Talk about a warrior princess!) And so ends this journey! I'm sure there will be much more to blog about over the summer! This is so much better than trying to explain stuff on Facebook, so I think I will try to do more of this! We really did have a GREAT time and I am so glad that we took the trip! I'm so excited to see how they react the next time we go too!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Disneyland 2013 Part 4

The true test began! We had nobody there to help us or to hang back with Amelia, so it was all on Seth and I to take the girls through all the lines and rides that they still wanted to do! This was the day for riding all of the "little kid" rides (Circus train, among many other various things...) but this was also the day for seeking out Princesses. That's heard me. We stood in line for probably 2 1/2-3 hours total for princess meet and greets. Seeing as they were on Lilly's "bucket" list (so to speak) we felt the need to oblige. After all, how often are we going to be down there and have the girls THAT enamored with Princesses still? Plus, Kenzi got her bucket list items crossed off as well, so it was only fair! This was where the money spent on that photo package REALLY paid off! They got some amazing pictures of our girls! We decided to spend most of the day in Disneyland because they hadn't really gotten to go on the rides in Fantasy land and they REALLY wanted to. It just so happened that ALL of the Princesses that they wanted to meet, were also stationed either right before the Castle, or within Fantasy land. 

We started off the day at the bus stop and saying our Goodbye's to my Dad.

They were very sad that he had to go, but they knew that we still had fun to be had!
The first order of business was to go into California Adventure and get a fast pass so that we could see the "Disney World Of Color" show.
This is in California Adventure. I just thought it was pretty. :)
After that we headed over to Disneyland to spend our time in Fantasy Land and getting all of the autographs that had been missed to that point. 
It just so happened that as we were walking in, the line for Minnie was just forming, so we were only about 3rd or 4th in line (which if you had seen the lines, you would know just how remarkable that was!)

Obviously it was REALLY bright out that day!

Our next stop: Pixie Hallow!

 The girls first got to meet Rosetta
 She tried so hard to get Amelia comfortable! In the end, I think we got a high five and that was about it!

 And of course, it wouldn't be a trip to Pixie Hallow without meeting the famous Tinker Bell.
The girls sure did like Tink!

After Tink we decided it was time for a snack, and we just happened to be snacking right next to the line for Merida (from the movie Brave...we all love that movie!)

After Brave we had another stop to make. Hazelnut Soup anyone?

We went into the line for Rapunzel and got to meet her. (The princess from Tangled, for those who don't have little girls like I do!) It took over an hour in line to meet her, and of course, Amelia fell asleep in line!

 The Princess fun wasn't over yet! We headed over next to the Castle where the line was short and there were 3, that's right, I said 3 Princesses for the price of 1 line! SCORE! 

It was still blazing hot that day, so we did splurge and buy them an ice cream on our way to the line.

 And of course, Amelia stayed asleep after I put her in the stroller. Poor thing had a very long week!

 It was finally our turn in line!

It was so fun to see the excitement on their faces!

Of course the Professional ones are better, I couldn't resist but to take a few of my own. I love how Kenzi responded to them! I love to see the innocence that is still there! (Hopefully we can keep it that way for quite a while!)

We completed our mission! All Princesses that they have available in the park were taken care of!
We got autographs and pictures with each and every one!

We had ridden all the rides that the girls wanted to ride in Disneyland, so we figured there was no point in hanging around when we would be in California Adventure for World of Color later anyways. So we headed over there. The girls desperately wanted to do the Monsters Inc. ride, so we did it! As we came out, it happened to be the start of a concert. We were greeted by Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum. 

After walking through a mist (which felt so good!) we came across the stage and who was on that stage but The Mad Hatter. 
This was the band that they had playing the "Mad Tea Party".
1. The band was AWESOME!
2. We had SO MUCH FUN!
People probably looked at me like I was nuts, but I danced with my girls and made them giggle and squeal with delight. (After all, that's what Mom's are for right? Making fun memories? Who cares if I looked like an idiot?!?!)

Some of the dancing fun that was had. :)

After that we headed down to the Pacific Warf where they have most of their restaurants in California Adventure.

The girls got bread bowls with some REALLY yummy soup. (Although Kenzi said that the cheddar broccoli was not at ALL like Mommy's and she liked Mommy's better! Kind of proud of that, but also really annoying since the dang thing cost $9 per kid!)
Here is Lilly enjoying her soup and bread. This girl sure does love Tomato soup!
Next on the agenda was World of Color!
Since it wasn't quite time, we took the girls over to their favorite rides and let them go as many times on the silly things as they wanted until it was time for us to head over to save our spot for World of Color. (I think it ended up only being ridden once or twice.)

Of course once you get in there to save your seat you have to stay there for the whole time until the show starts at 9. So we sat there for about an hour and a half while we waited for the show to start! (With several potty runs of course!)

World of Color was pretty darn spectacular. We were in the "Wet" zone but not the soaked zone! Good thing I bought the blanket or Amelia would have been really chilled! For some reason it is freaking out with me trying to load the video. Such is life, right?