Tuesday, November 5, 2013

October Whirlwind!

So October was pretty much the most INSANE month I have had in a LONG time! We had SO much going on, but ended up being able to have TONS of fun in the process! Here is a peak into our crazy October! Hoping that November calms down a bit. ;)

Sapphire got her teeth cleaned and a haircut this month. She looks so happy, don't you think?

I introduced the girls to the movie Soul Surfer. This was Amelia watching it in one part. (Can you tell she likes it?)

Amelia got so tired that she couldn't wait for me to pick her up and take her upstairs for her nap, so she passed out against the couch. Silly baby!

This was post nap, can we tell it was a GOOD nap? ;)

Trying on Daddy's sunglasses. Talk about a stylin' toddler!

Miss Mekenzi with Daddy's glasses shows off her tween attitude.

Snuggle buddies!

Who needs a pillow of their own when they can just steal Daddy's?

Beautiful Lilly was getting sick, so we had some snuggle time!

Kenzi the Vampire Princess!

Amelia as Minnie Mouse! (as a side note, all three of my girls have worn this costume!)

The Vampire Princess and Lilly the Vampire Witch!

Aren't they so cute?

Because of their cuteness we had buckets FULL of candy!
Kenzi also had a horseback riding competition at the end of October which was then followed by a Halloween party at my friend Karina's house! It was a VERY long day but we had so much fun! Kenzi also did fantastic in her competition. She might not have won anything, but she sure has grown a tremendous amount as a rider!
Such a helpful big sister she is!

Kenzi at her competition riding Jeena!

Letting baby sister have a spot on the saddle while she waited for her next turn.

Some of the waits were LONG...I think the horse was bored too.

Costume Contest!

We had a princess riding her princess pony. Jeena handled the tiara swimmingly! I was amazed!

Costume parade!

Amelia playing in the pile of hazelnut shells. Thankfully it seems to only be ingestion that causes allergic reactions!

Ribbon Race!

The Halloween party was fun too. They got to run around with a bunch of kids, paint pumpkins and eat a bunch of junk food!

 It was a very fun but exhausting day. We were gone from 8:30am until around 10pm!

We also got to go to the Oregon Heritage Apple Farm for Lilly's preschool field trip. I also started watching my niece this month, so she got to come with us and we had a blast!

She kept saying "It's too heavy!"

 We also got to spend a day with Seth's Mom to have a family dinner. The girls sure do love their NayNay!

"Helping" with the dishes is a favorite activity for all of the girls!

Such a fun and crazy month we have had! I have more pictures, but that would take up 10 blog posts just to post them all! Hopefully I do a better job at keeping up on it this month! Happy November everyone!