Monday, September 13, 2010

The Bunny Revenge!

Many of you know from my facebook rants that we have a problem with "wild" bunnies/rabbits. I had just planted $40 worth of fall starts and they decided to help themselves to about half of it. That made me see red, because you don't mess with the pocketbook when it's already slim! Anyways, a few friends loaned us some traps...and the story continues.....

There once was a bunny who decided to steal....

Little did he know he'd end up a meal!

He found himself in a bucket and was soon out of breath

And very soon after was without a head...

Next came the feet and the skin soon thereafter.....

Then all the innards, they weren't such a bother...

So the moral of the story is....

Stay out of my garden or you'll end up like him!

Ah sweet revenge! It will make such a nice stew! Thanks again to our friends who loaned us the traps!

Building of a tree fort!

We decided shortly after moving in that right in between the two trees in the back would be the PERFECT place for a tree house for the girls. Originally it was just going to be something simple that Seth came up with...then we involved the master carpenter (literally) his Dad. John came over and began helping us providing us with tools to make the job go much easier. We still have a ways to go, but the girls seem to like it so far! Deciding where the ladder should go.

Kenzi sure does love to help!

Lilly enjoying the wonder of a whole new height!
They can hardly wait till it's finished! :)

Monday, August 30, 2010

Kuehn Family Reunion 2010

Earlier this month we got a chance to go to my family reunion. We had a lot of fun and got to celebrate my Grandparents 60 years of marriage. Amazing! Here are some fun pictures that we have to share! :)

Lilly was of course screaming, but I had to get a picture of the girls with my grandparents. They are so wonderful and I am so blessed to still have them in my life.
Valerie, Grandma and I.

Four generations, not sure how many pictures we will have like this.
Me with my Grandma.
My last picture with her, was at my High School Graduation.
Me with my Grandpa Burt. I love that man so much!

Valerie giving Lilly sugar and laughing about it! :)

There is always something to do at Great Grandma and Grandpa's, even if it is kicking and ripping apart a stump! :)

Lilly and Hailee (sp?). My Cousin's little girl, they are only a few months apart and had so much fun playing together!

I can't wait to do it all again next year! This is becoming a fun family tradition, everyone getting together once a year!


So this year has flown by and it's almost been a year since I updated the blog. I know I'm not very good at it, but I do have a legit reason for my absence. In January my Grandma passed away leaving us without our rent paid, and me without a job. It got REALLY hard there for a bit, selling our plasma to make rent, or get food. Thankfully, Seth is back working, at least for now, so it's been nice to have a steady paycheck for 2 months! Because of the lack of work for me, I decided that it was time to go back to school. I started Spring term of 2010 and just completed my second term. I will be applying for nursing school this year! :) Please keep us in your prayers, we could really use getting into nursing school so that we can have one steady paycheck year round.

Kenzi is starting Kindergarten in two weeks, I can hardly believe that my baby is old enough to be in school! She is so thrilled to be going back to Young Learners for another year. They might be relatively expensive, but I know that she will get the education and the one on one time with the teacher that she needs to excel. She is so incredibly smart, and beautiful that it amazes me. She took a gymnastics class over the summer and LOVED it, so now we are looking for a gymnastics academy for her. She is also enrolled in a ballet/tap class through New Visions Dance Studio and she is LOVING it. The teachers there are so wonderful and it's made her so much less clumsy, gotta say, I am loving the fact that she's getting less bruises! :)

Lilly, what can I say about Lilly. She is starting to talk a bit more, which is good, we were concerned there for a bit because she wasn't talking much at all and was not willing to sign either. But now she's doing both which is AWESOME! She is starting to get her canine teeth, so she's been a bit grumpy from that, but her level of grumpy, has NOTHING on Kenzi's! We will be celebrating Lilly's second birthday next month, and I can hardly believe it! My baby will be two!

Life is hard, but life is good. We are all doing well, I am still a teacher at church, I teach the CTR 6 class, and while I admit that most days, I hate it, there are times when it is rewarding. Seth is happy to be working. I have a part time job too, I go in when I have free time so my schedule is very flexible. I love it! I work as an executive assistant for a financial adviser, it's mostly filing and computer work, but hey, it's a paycheck! I have my trip to Hawaii all paid for, so now it's just saving up the "fun" money for while I am there. I love the fact that Seth is letting me go and have a week to myself, he really is such a good man! We've been together over 7 years now and I love him more and more every day!

We recently did family photos, so hopefully I'll have those to put up soon. Hopefully I will be able to update this a bit more now that my school schedule won't be full of highly intensive classes. I'll do my best!