Friday, February 13, 2009


I'm sitting her today thinking about my sweet little niece. She would have been 2 years old today. It was a year ago today, that I was sitting in the doctors office, finding out how far along in the pregnancy I was with Lilly, and I was so scared that something would go wrong, but now that I look back, I know Candace was looking out for her cousin and was giving me a sign that it was our turn and everything was ok. She truly was an angel straight from heaven and I feel honored and privileged to have been able to hold her sweet spirit in my arms. If you want to read about her, she has her own blog,

We love you sweet girl, Happy 2nd Birthday!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ah Irony

I am sitting here thinking about how it was Seth who wanted me to find him a blog place so that he could start writing, and now it seems that I am the one who is doing all the blogging. Oh well. So last week Seth found a crack in our exterior wall, and as we live in a cinder block house, this was a bit worrisome for me. So tonight I wanted to investigate further, and upon further inspection, I learned that the crack goes all the way through the wall, and there is air that is flowing straight into the house. So yay, we have a cement house...with a crack in the wall. I swear, it's always something! Just feels like all the somethings are piling up right now and making it difficult to not sink. Just when I think we have a chance to get ahead, something stops us and pulls us back down. Life is a test, and I know that, it's just hard some days. Like when you have very little money left in your bank account and the bank tries to hold your paycheck for a week and says its for your protection,when you have bills that have been sent out and will be coming out any day now. Yeah, I had that one happen today. Now the crack in the wall, as if the mold and the ground water leaking into the house wasn't bad enough, now the wall is actually cracking open! I can not wait until I get another complex to manage so that I can get out of this money eating pit and have an opportunity to really help ourselves. Sorry to vent, I just need to get it out so that I'm not feeling so frustrated, because when I'm frustrated, I'm no fun!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Enjoying Gifts

Kenzi has been doing so well, and really enjoying all of the gifts that she was given this year. Between always wanting to "make tea" and taking the puppy or the kitties to the "doctor", and playing on her computer cool school, or riding her bike, her days are full of learning and imaginative play! I hope everyone knows just how much she LOVES her gifts!!!

Birthday Party!

So it's been a while, dealing with sick kids, sick husband, and then getting sick myself!!! Kenzi had a wonderful party, which ended with the snow starting to fall pretty heavy so everyone had to leave! But it was good. Shortly after her party, poor Lilly got sick, REALLY sick. She had a cough and massive cold, kept throwing up everywhere, and had a nasty fever. We were so worried about her that we took her to the hospital, they said it's viral and nothing they can do about it, other than give her anti-nausea medication, which we gladly accepted. Once she was able to keep food down, and get re hydrated, all was well! She is doing 100% better and I am so relieved! Now I have it, but hey, that's the price of being the mom! So, time for pictures!!! This was the year of my little pony....lots of pony's and lots of little pieces to lose! She's doing a lot better and keeping everything together and putting it away, mostly cause I make her, but still, she's trying!